Never Shovel Snow Again

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Everyone hates snow removal

Introducing the first fully automatic, safe snow removal bot!

Raising and extending arms build a new snowbank where you want it

Safe and Reliable


The KBot Snow Remover is specifically designed to be safe around humans

Lightweight, low power, no sudden movements, no powerful dangerous parts

Equipped with a dull snowbank saw, it can cut through the toughest hard packed snowbank, with no danger to humans!

Every year, snow blowers cause 15,000 ER visits and 5,000 amputations. Even with human operators, snow blowers are fundamentally unsafe! The KBot Snow Remover is not a snow blower. It is a replacement, and a better alternative, than your snow blower.

Runs Continuously Through the Storm


The KBot Snow Remover cleans a small amount of snow, many times, all night and all day.

The driveway is always clear!

There is never a blocked driveway or a 3ft snowbank that requires heavy equipment or hard work.

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